Soo... today was pretty fucking random if I do say so myself. It's weird. idk. I mean, when you find out that one of your friends jacks off while looking at your picture, that's really gross. and...

my dad jsut called, and he has my passport certificate thingy!!!! woot! I'm so happy. I can get out of this fucking country! yayness!!!

as I was saying, before i was inturrupted by the telephone. you notice the subject says "singleness?" Well, yeah. I'm not sure about it, therefore I have a question mark. But, for now, I'm still single, but not sure about that. I got asked out. idk what I'm going to say. probably no. I do want a boyfriend though... I just don't know much about this guy. I mean,yeah, I'vebeen talking to him and such, but, I didn't think it would progress.

oh gods... I don't want this to be like Dennis. :/ I truly don't at all. I would rather die than have another Dennis. but... Dennis was a long time ago. His name is Jeremy though, and his name doesn't start with a "D" so all is well.

So... I guess you guys wanna pic of this boy perhaps?
well, photobucket isn't cooperating so that'll have ta wait.

& I think I know what I'm going to do. I'm going to get to know this boy, and then see what happens. Cause, I'm not going to go out with him, until I know more about him.
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RIP Moi (NASTROND) you will be missed

So last summer, I came in contact with this guy, and his name was Moi. He was in this awesome band called Eliudnir. We talked about music a lot and life in general, and at the time, he was in remission from cancer, but he relapsed in the fall-winter. and.... he died yesterday.
I remember talking to him a couple of weeks ago. he said he was going to go to the hospital again. He said he was so sick of going from hospital to hospital, and he missed his long hair. he said he couldn't wait till he got better so he could grow it out again. I wished him well, and I hoped that he would get better.
It's so unfortunate that he had to die so soon.


So, I'm back in Las Vegas.
I really really wish that I could have stayed until Monday, but I was foolish and I didn't take my homework with me. So, I had to come back last night, so I could have a couple of days to do my homework.

I have come to the conclusion that I hate school.
I'm really unhappy. In California I was so happy, and now I'm sitting here crying and writing this post.

I want to move to California, I honestly do. BUt I can't leave my mom and grandma. ugh. and my friends. ugh ugh.


I'm just so blech right now.

I don't want to be here.

I want to be in California.

the end.

thank you if you sent me an Xmas card, just like last year I didn't send mine out in time, so, I'm sorry about that. :[

and school.


I don't want to go back to school.

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Friends Only!

So, I got rid of the old banner...
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Some new guidlines:
If you are emo, you wouldn't want to add me. Trust me on this one.
Also, if you're really religious, don't add me either.
iF u tYpE lYk DiS --> Don't add me. It's annoying. Learn to fucking spell check.

I suppose that is it for now, so yeah.
Comment to be added!

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